Transactional SMS

SMS Patna is one such innovative yet cost effective business promotion technique. It offers under its flagship two bulk SMS options: Transactional Bulk SMS Service and Promotional Bulk Service. In transactional route you can send informational messages like OTP’s, bank alerts and more.

Transactional SMS is a message which is sent by an organization to their customers to acknowledge the transactions that have been performed by them on their website or application. The delivery of such messages takes place 24*7 and can be sent by a bank, a website from where a person bought a service or even an alert for an event.

Transactional SMS are comprehensively used by different associations for progression, promoting and diverse business purposes.. Transactional SMS have increased colossal fame in the late times. Sending Transactional SMS is without further ado at the tip of your thumb. Transactional Text Messages India are widely utilized by various organizations for advancement.

Sending Transactional SMS is presently at the tip of your thumb. SMS Patna supplier offers value-based SMS administration at amazingly sensible Transactional SMS cost in Patna Bihar India. Give your clients and customers minute to minute information on the transport status of their purchase, trade certifications, gives an account of restricted time offers, etc cetera with the sensible quality based Bulk SMS organization at SMS Patna. Make your business meander a step ahead with the easy to use and invigorating Transactional SMS India office. All SMS are tracked, delivery of the SMSs are confirmed for their being delivered. Bulk sms company is an expert in sending messages through a Bulk SMS gateway.Give your customers and clients moment to moment data on the conveyance status of their buy, exchange affirmations, reports on special offers, and so on with the moderate Transactional Bulk Text Messages administration at SMS Patna . Step ahead with the simple to utilize and energizing Transactional SMS service Patna Bihar.


5,000 SMS

Rs. 1200/-

Per SMS 0.24p

1 year Validity

10,000 SMS

Rs. 2200/-

Per SMS 0.22p

1 year Validity

25,000 SMS

Rs. 4500/-

Per SMS 0.18p

1 year Validity

50,000 SMS

Rs. 7000/-

Per SMS 0.14p

1 year Validity

1,00,000 SMS

Rs. 13000/-

Per SMS 0.13p

1 year Validity

5,00,000 SMS

Rs. 57,500/-

Per SMS 0.115p

1 year Validity

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